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Hwan Kyeong Bio Co. Ltd. has produced and sold the WEMS(Water Ecotoxicological Monitoring System) which has the certificate of excellent quality product under the guaranty of Public Procurement Service and KT under the guaranty of Ministry of Science & Technology since we has continuously carried out R&D for Ecotoxicological Technology. Based on this outcome, HK Bio pursue the business for safety & healthy environment.

◆ Water Ecotoxicological Monitoring System

- WEMS is the Water Ecotoxicological Monitoring System which detects toxicants in rivers, lakes, industrial swage, etc. through measure the yield of fluorescence using algae.
- DEMO of event status in WEMS
- Management Center of WEMS System
- Institute of Ecotoxicological Monitoring, Hwan Kyeong Co., LTD

Real Time Monitoring
ㆍEvent status of each group
ㆍEvent status of measuring station
ㆍData status of measuring station
ㆍData list of measuring station
ㆍEvent list
ㆍPOPUP(F-Y graph)

Analysis Report of measuring station
ㆍAnalysis data
ㆍData list
ㆍStatistical data
ㆍEvent list

Management Menu
ㆍManagement of measuring station
ㆍPCU control of measuring station
ㆍAlert control of measuring station
ㆍPAM setting of measuring station
ㆍAlarm reception
ㆍRestoration of data

Management of WEMS
ㆍMENU setting

◆ Introduction of WEMS

Introduction of WEMS
ㆍDefinition of WEMS
ㆍSystemic constitution of WEMS
ㆍApplication of WEMS

Constitution of WEMS
ㆍInformation of Products
ㆍBiological Test Material

□ Definition of WEMS
: WEMS is the Water Ecotoxicological Monitoring System which detects toxicities in rivers, lakes, industrial sewage, etc. through measure the yield of fluorescence using algae.

□ Systemic Constitution of WEMS

□ Application
1. Water resources
2. A sewage treatment plant

□ Information of Products

▶ WEMS HK-1100

Model WEMS HK-1100
Regular Power 220V, 60Hz
Power Consumption 0.9kW
Contents of Equipment 1. Inflow Section : sample Water, supply equipment of reference water & biological test-material

2. Measurement Section : CFM UNIT

3. Output Section : Data output, analysis, LCD Display

4. Auto Sampler : Collection of sample water when contamination warning.

5. Outer Interface :
RS232/RS422/RS485/TCP IP/
Temperature Range 10-30℃
Fluorescence Measurement Range (F) 0~3500
Data Output Format ASCII
Size (mm) 1542(H) x 570(W) x 713(D)
Weight Under 150kg
Biological Test-Material Special buying

□ Biological Test Material
ㆍModel : EB-CEA1
ㆍSpecies Name : Closterium sp.
ㆍSize : 2L Bottle
ㆍConsumption rate : 2L/2weeks


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